January 18, 2016

UChicago Ranked Second Most Hardworking School

Business Insider ranked UChicago the second most hardworking college in the United States, out of 50 institutions. Niche, an American company that reviews K-12 schools, colleges, and neighborhoods, compiled the list.

The ranking featured a quote from an unidentified student who described the College as "difficult, intense, amazing, and fulfilling. Some of the brightest students in the world come here, and intellectual life on campus is some of the best intellectual life you'll ever get anywhere."

To create the list, Niche combined its “Best Academics” ranking with a score based off of a series of user responses, giving each part equal worth.

The “Best Academics” ranking was created by analyzing acceptance rates, faculty awards, student-faculty ratio, surveys regarding professor quality, SAT and ACT scores, surveys about academic quality, admission yield, a diversity grade, research expenditure, graduation rate, freshman retention rate, and the number of National Merit Scholars. The surveys were self-reported by Niche users who recently attended, or were attending, the college they were grading.

The user response score was given by analyzing responses related to class attendance, homework, office hours, study habits, and a sense of the overall workload.

UChicago was placed below MIT, and above academic peers such as Carnegie Mellon University, Swarthmore College, Bowdoin College, Yale University, Princeton University, Stanford University, Columbia University, Pomona College, and Harvard University.

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