May 8, 2009

Scav Hunt: And they're off!

Over a hundred eager scavvies gathered in Ida Noyes shortly before midnight to await the revelation of the 2009 scav hunt list. After scrambling under chairs and through tires, digging through trash cans and being pummeled by foam noodles in an obstacle course set up in the Ida's East lounge, representatives from each team were granted access to the list. Manilla envelope in hand, the teams raced back to their secret lairs to start their four-day, caffeine-fueled, sleep-and (probably)-shower-free marathon.

The list is supposed to be up here:, but the link was broken as of this post.

Whether you're participating in scav, laughing at scav, or just watching intently for ridiculous stories to share with your friends from normal schools once you're home this summer, keep checking the blog for updates!