February 2, 2011

Students declare their "very own Snow Day"

Update: Shortly after 2 a.m. this morning, Dean of Students Kimberly Goff-Crews and Chief Financial Officer Nim Chinniah e-mailed the University community to announce that "all classes and non-essential events on campus" are cancelled on Wednesday, February 2.


A grassroots campaign for a day off of school tomorrow has taken students, ahem, by storm. With numbers increasing by the second, at last check 546 students opted to attend the Facebook event "Our very own Snow Day," hosted by third-year Liz Bedi.

In response to Kim Goff-Crews' Monday email, which states that a snow day would be a "highly unlikely event," and students should bundle up to stay warm, Bedi encouraged students to "take a you day." But do it politely, she says.

"Email your professor apologizing (really, they'll understand, they can't walk/see/hear/think/breath/feel [sic] either, no one can in this shit)"

I wonder if there's any overlap between those who couldn't possibly leave their house to go to class and those who plan take part in a huge snowball fight tomorrow (underclassmen versus upperclassmen!).

The U of C must have a huge ego at stake with this one—even the Chicago Public School system is taking its first snow day in 12 years.

But still, 51 students have announced that they are "Not Attending" the snow day. What are we paying fifty grand a year for, to sip hot cocoa in bed?