April 5, 2011

Foodents: Burt's Place can be your place, too

Our trip to Morton Grove, Illinois was really great! On Saturday, we and our friends went to a pizzeria. It was far away. It was outside of Chicago, in a suburb called Morton Grove, Illinois. This pizza place is really, really famous because it is so great and maybe the best pizza place in the world. Burt’s Place is what the pizza place is called. It is named after the owner, whose name is Burt.

We left at 6:50 and got into a car. Our friends, Paul, Thomas, and Jason went with us, because Paul, Thomas, and Jason are big kids with a car and we are little kids, but they like pizza anyways! When we got in the car, Jason put on the radio because he loves rock ‘n’ roll music. Paul was mad because Paul likes soul music. Tom was too, because Tom likes jazz fusion. But we were all happy because we knew we were about to eat the best pizza ever, and we don’t get bored like big kids do.

Eating at Burt’s Place is hard. You have to order the pizza before you even go the pizzeria! How weird is that? Well, we think it’s pretty weird! We had to call in our order four hours before we even got into the restaurant! It’s because they’re so famous. They’re always busy. We couldn’t even eat inside! We ordered a 14-inch deep dish pan pizza that had cheese, tomato sauce, peppers, sausage, and spinach. One side of the pizza had peppers and spinach, and another side of the pizza had sausage and peppers. The woman on the phone was very scared. She didn’t know what to do when we ordered. She should probably not have been a pizza person because she would have been better at being a doctor, lawyer, or preacher with a voice and because of the general effect that she had. But it was okay because we still got our pizza and our pizza was great!

Morton Grove, Illinois is a pretty suburb north of Chicago and next to Skokie, Illinois, which is where you can buy the tastiest bagels in the world! They’re even better than the bagels in New York City, New York, but don’t say that to our mom! Morton Grove has a big street in the middle of it where there are lots of restaurants and stores. There were even two CVS stores! To get to Burt’s place, you have to go on a small street off the big street, and the restaurant is right on your left. It looks like a house from the outside.

When the big kids let us out of the backseat, we walked to the restaurant fast. Luckily for the big kids, there was a lot of parking! We went inside and told them that we had ordered a pizza. The restaurant is tiny! It’s like the size of the bathroom we use at school (three urinals, two toilets, three sinks, one window, one door, two automatic faucets!) So, all of us had to stand packed up in the little room between the street and the restaurant. But it was okay, because we don’t get bored or hate to be touched like big kids do. But the man, (we think it was Burt!!) came with our pre-ordered pizza pie. He talked fast like a taxi driver and we knew he had a lot of self-esteem. The pizza is pretty cheap too! Only 18 dollars for a mucho grande pizza pie! (and mucho tasty too!)

Because the restaurant was so small, we couldn’t eat inside. We had to go back to the big kids car, which is a black Honda (zoom, zoom, zoom!) and little kids can’t touch anything inside or they might break something. When we got in, the car started to steam up immediately. This pizza was hot! Fresh out of the oven! It was hard to eat, because we had to split it up, and this pizza is not sliced like ordinary pizza. The pizza is sliced all over the place, but everyone had their share anyways. When you first take a bite, you taste the sauce which is so good. It is really tomatoey, but not too tomatoey. You can still taste every single spice. The garlic flavor, yum! But our favorite thing was the crust. It was crunchy and bread-y on the outside, but gooey and warm and soft on the inside. The toppings were fresh. The sausage was really good too. Everything came together to make the best Chicago style pizza we all had ever had!

So, we loved our trip to Burt’s Place. We will definitely go back and order an even bigger pizza. All in all, it was the best Chicago-style-deep-dish-pan-pizzeria ever.

Bye bye, be good, eat good.

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