October 14, 2016

Hit and Run Near South Dorm Hospitalizes Student

A University of Chicago student was struck by a vehicle near Granville-Grossman Residential Commons last Saturday. The car did not stop after hitting the student, according to the University of Chicago Police Department (UCPD). The victim was hospitalized. 

The incident occurred five minutes before midnight. Second-year Katherine Kahal, a resident of Halperin House, assumed at first that the voices she heard from her fourth-floor dormitory were students coming back after a night out.  

“I heard lots of louder shouting, like not just your usual drunken conversation, so that’s when I looked out of the window and saw someone laying on the ground and everyone just crowded around [him].” Kahal said.  

Another Halperin resident, second-year Billie Males, who observed the aftermath from her dorm, noted that the victim was responsive when UCPD arrived. “They were conscious and responsive up until the ambulance came, and they actually were able to stand up to sit down in the wheelchair to go to the ambulance,” she said. 

The vehicle was driving southbound on South Ellis Avenue when the incident occurred.