April 20, 2018

Two Students Win Goldwater Scholarships

Two third-year University of Chicago students in the College, Adel Rahman and Naomi Sweeting, have won Barry Goldwater scholarships.

Goldwater scholarships are awarded annually to recognize students in natural sciences, mathematics, engineering, and computer science. The College nominated Rahman and Sweeting for the award. In total, 211 students were selected to receive Goldwater scholarships, out of a pool of 1,280 applicants.

The scholarship awards students with $7,500 per year to cover tuition, books, housing, and other college expenses.  

“We are proud that the Goldwater Foundation has recognized the work of Adel and Naomi, and we hope the award will give them the resources and encouragement to continue their academic pursuits,” said Dean of the College John Boyer to UChicago News.