Emma Dyer


New University of Chicago Medicine Emergency Department Begins Treating Patients

Nearly 200 patients came in during the first 24 hours.


December 31, 2017

House Passes Act Reducing Federal Student Loan Accessibility

Congressional Republicans are moving forward with a bill to restructure federal student loans.


December 16, 2017

With Tax Plan Advancing, U of C Hopes Tuition Waiver Provision Stays Out

As tax reform efforts advance, the University community is watching what happens with the House bill’s tuition tax.


December 1, 2017


6 a.m.

English Professor Accused of Mishandling Title IX Case in ’80s at Cal

Both Moretti and Ferguson deny acquaintance prior to Ferguson’s and Latta’s interaction.


November 16, 2017

U of C Students Attend Obama Foundation Youth Training Day

150 participants took part in civic engagement workshops, as part of the Obama Foundation's Youth Training Day pilot program.


November 15, 2017

Alain Bresson: Ancient Economies for a Modern World

Bresson was awarded the 2017 James Henry Breasted Prize for his 2016 book on the ancient Greek economy.


November 6, 2017

Grad Student Unionization Voting Logistics Finalized

Locations and times for Tuesday and Wednesday’s vote have been released.


October 15, 2017

University Sends Students to Meet Top Female Tech Industry Leaders

“I was opened up to new technologies through talks that I went to and am now interested in learning more about cybersecurity and virtual reality,” fourth-year Kim Holmgren said.


October 9, 2017