Eric Vanderwall


The Adventure of the American Mind

Grey City reviews "The Opening of the American Mind: Ten Years of The Point."



June 13, 2021


3:40 p.m.

For Your Eyes Only: The First Event in the Chicago Humanities Festival’s "Deep Dive: Speech" Series

The first of three talks as part of the "Deep Dive: Speech" series in the Chicago Humanities Festival underdelivers and offers few new insights for its attendees.


April 21, 2021


5:37 p.m.

Let’s Grab Drinks and Maximize Utility: Econ Professor Talks Economics of Dating

Professor Pablo Peña discussed how economics can be used to understand patterns of marriage.


March 1, 2021


6:59 p.m.

Inhibiting Instruction

“Instructing Insurrections'' advocates for limiting the range of intellectual discourse on campus; a vaguely defined system that forbids criticism and posits its infallibility is the beginning of totalitarianism.


February 27, 2021


4:09 p.m.

Is Anybody Out There? The Totalizing Ideology of Social Media

The lesson that emerges from the onslaught of social media is that totalizing ideologies kill, and that the human aversion to being proven mistaken means that extermination of the opposition tends to be chosen more frequently than conciliation or re…


February 3, 2021


6:34 p.m.

Stoicism 101

Everything is material, there's no supernatural realm, and you can reduce your suffering by changing your thinking about your problems: welcome to Stoic thought.


January 12, 2021