Jessica Choe


In This "Doll's House," Swearing and Laughing Encouraged

Steppenwolf’s contemporary remake of "A Doll’s House" attempts to break down the barrier between audience and performance.


February 21, 2019

Jesse McCartney Returns With New Resolutions

Having not released any new material since 2014, “Beautiful Soul” musician Jesse McCartney returns to the spotlight with Resolution Tour.


January 31, 2019

The Firecracker Flair of La Bohéme

“Blessed with an aptitude for comedy and finely honed by practice, this couple stole the night.”


January 24, 2019

Shakespearean Eye Candy

Although impressive in scope and grandeur, set design and costuming in the Chicago Shakespeare Company’s production detracted from the substance of its script.


January 17, 2019

Joffrey Ballet Restages The Nutcracker in 1893 Chicago

The friendly picture of hardworking friends and family sharing genuine kinship and the American Dream around a merry hearth fire made its way into this late 1800s classic.


December 19, 2018

Friendship and Pop Culture Unite in "Ralph Breaks the Internet"

Full of throwback Disney nods and cute Internet culture references, the film under-develops its central premise.


December 3, 2018

Stan Lee Infused His Magic Into the Adult World

Stan Lee, the Marvel comic book giant, created worlds through, and occasionally in, his stories.


November 15, 2018