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Kendrick GSU

Professor Robert Kendrick, the William Colvin Professor in Music and Romance Languages and Literatures, attends the GSU rally in a show of solidarity with graduate students.


Oct. 18, 2018

Ahead Demonstration, Boyer Advises Grads Against “Walking Out On Your Students”

Boyer advised graduate students to "maintain your commitment to your students as educators."


October 17, 2018

UChicago Plans to Raise Fence at President's House by Three Feet

The University plans to increase the height of the fence around the President's house by three feet.


August 8, 2018

Meet David Klion, the UChicago Left’s Extremely Online Favorite Son

Klion (MA '09) discusses 'bougie socialism,' Russiagate, the "lazy Zimmer-esque construction of free speech."


August 6, 2018

University Turns to Grants and Outside Landlords as Enrollment Strains Housing

To accommodate the large Class of 2022, returning students have been offered a financial incentive to live in a private apartment complex near campus.


July 19, 2018

Fourth-Year Student Expelled for Sexual Assault a Week Before Graduation

The Maroon spoke to both the student who brought the case and the expelled student. “I just want people to know, things can go well for you,” the complainant said.


June 26, 2018

@realDonaldTrump’s Twitter Blocking Ruled Unconstitutional; Law Prof Lakier Weighs In

Law Professor Genevieve Lakier, who signed an amicus brief with the Knight Institute, discussed the upshot of the ruling with the Maroon.


May 31, 2018

Zimmer in the Wild: President Talks Free Speech on Nat Geo

Zimmer discussed free expression with Katie Couric in a National Geographic episode, "Age of Outrage," that aired Wednesday night.


May 17, 2018

Jury Sides With Cop Allegedly Scapegoated by UCPD's "Old Boys' Club"

An ex-UCPD commander who was terminated after his officer infiltrated a trauma center protest is owed $150k. The case documents shed new light on the department.


May 17, 2018


1 p.m.

Anti-Abortion Poster 2

An anti-abortion poster displayed outside the Regenstein.


April 20, 2018