Ruthie Mitchell



Jimmy Lai, Hong Kongese Businessman and Activist, Discusses China, Capitalism in Booth Conversation

Lai, whose business ventures span newspapers and clothing, talked with professor Stephen Davis about China’s efforts to suppress free speech and protest in Hong Kong.


October 26, 2020

Mukherjee Lab Joins Department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology

In an effort to combat antibiotic resistance, Dr. Sampriti Mukherjee will study how multiple sensory inputs drive the transition between individual and collective behavior in bacteria.


October 25, 2020

Lab School Alum Andrea Ghez Becomes Fourth Woman to Win Physics Nobel Prize for Discovery of Supermassive Black Hole

Ghez shares the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics with Roger Penrose of England and Reinhard Genzel of Germany.


October 14, 2020

Linguists, Anthropologists Discuss Analyzing Language in American Politics

Professor Adam Hodges of CU Boulder kicks off series of virtual talks concerning the role of language in the 2020 election and discuss plausible deniability.


October 12, 2020