Spencer Dembner


Unbuilt UChicago: The University's Many Attempts to Build a Megadorm

Efforts to expand housing at UChicago have a long past, and little to show for it.


April 12, 2018

University Responds, Countersues in Pearson Lawsuit

The University alleges that the Pearsons' refusal to pay a $13 million installment due on June 30, 2017 amounted to defaulting on the grant agreement.


April 9, 2018

Nirenberg to Become Interim Divinity School Dean

He succeeds Laurie Zoloth, who became dean last summer.


April 5, 2018

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Union Reaches Agreement With Admin After Years of Negotiations

The agreement will become final pending ratification by Faculty Forward’s members in the spring.


March 19, 2018


10:32 a.m.

Divinity School Dean Zoloth to Step Down, Take New Role

Laurie Zoloth will serve as Senior Adviser to the Provost for Programs on Social Ethics, effective June 1.


March 18, 2018

Non-Tenure Track Faculty to Strike If No Deal With Admin by Thursday

Faculty Foward has authorized its bargaining team to call a strike if negotiations don’t succeed.


March 13, 2018


1:14 p.m.

SOUL Circulates Petition Backing Faculty Forward

A Students Organizing United With Labor (SOUL) petition backing Faculty Forward is gaining support from students, faculty, and the wider University community.


February 24, 2018

GSU Letter Delivered to Zimmer During Speech at Barnard, Admin Responds: Won’t Bargain

GSU’s letter was hand-delivered to President Zimmer while he giving remarks at Barnard.


February 10, 2018


10:51 a.m.

GSU Rally



Feb. 10, 2018

University Holds Billions Offshore in Central America and Caribbean

The University’s tax returns also declare full ownership of Phoenix Overlay Fund, a company based in the Cayman Islands.


February 6, 2018