Nischal Sinha


Sustaining Sustainability: Why the University Must Expand Its Environmental Efforts

On-campus sustainability efforts lack a sense of coordination—as the threat of climate change looms on the horizon, the University’s Office of Sustainability must step up.


March 30, 2021


8:25 p.m.

Living a History

Take the time to appreciate and contemplate UChicago’s past so we can better situate ourselves in the future.


February 16, 2021


7:41 p.m.

UChicago Must Continue to Engage Politically, Even If Trump Is Out

Trump forced UChicago to break its political silence––the competence of the Biden administration is not an excuse to go back.


February 3, 2021


4:19 p.m.

The Point is Pointless: Embrace the Absurd

Absurdism allows us to process some of COVID’s senselessness as much needed humor.


November 26, 2020