Alex Ward



University of Chicago Graduate Students Vote to Unionize

1,103 "yes" votes were counted, exceeding the combined 479 counted "no" votes and the 149 votes that were challenged.


October 19, 2017


2:51 p.m.

University Releases Final Plan for Diversity Initiative

The initiative is divided into four strategies.


October 17, 2017

Community Leader Argues for Community Benefits Agreement at Student Dinner

The event also hosted a professor of urban planning, who addressed the need to draft an agreement that benefits communities beyond the signing groups.


October 10, 2017

Students Protest at Racial Justice Rally

Students and faculty marched through the main quad to Hutchinson Court holding signs reading "Slavery Built UChicago" and "Reparations at UChicago."


October 2, 2017

Prof Targeted by "Terrorist Supporter" Posters Asks Admin to Condemn Horowitz

The targeted 26 members of the University community as "terrorist supporters."


October 1, 2017

Student Group Holds Debate on Antifa

CDS altered the original event question.


September 28, 2017

Who's Who: University Administration

The important people in the administration who you need to know.


September 14, 2017




June 8, 2017

ACLU Legal Director Speaks to Students

Many of the cases Cole has litigated have involved disputes over the First Amendment and other sections of the Bill of Rights.


June 7, 2017

Students and Faculty Debate Disciplinary Changes for Disruptive Actions

The Council of the University Senate, a body made up of 51 elected members of faculty, is set to vote on whether or not to adopt the Committee’s recommendations on May 23.


May 12, 2017