Alexa Perlmutter


Making the Most of the Megadorms

Changes to College Housing are coming whether we like them or not. We might as well make the most of them.


December 3, 2018

Beyond "How to Get Away With Murder"

A columnist reflects on her internship with the U.S. Attorney's Office in the sexual violence division.


October 15, 2018

Escaping the Campus Bubble (or For Starters, The Reg)

A second-year student urges incoming students to escape the UChicago bubble and immerse themselves in politics.


September 20, 2018

In Defense of Criticizing UChicago

Criticism directed at the University shows that the student body is socially and politically engaged and committed to change.


May 3, 2018

Planned Parenthood Misses the Intersectional Mark

Information about healthcare is just not accessible enough to low-income women of color.


April 19, 2018

#NeverAgain, But at What Cost?

The recent dialogue around gun violence needs to be far more inclusive.


April 9, 2018

A Lesson in Free Speech

Backlash to a professor’s immigration plan shows that free speech is a thornier issue than the University will admit.


February 22, 2018

Sustaining Sustainability

UChicago needs to make a more concerted effort to engage its students in sustainability programs.


February 5, 2018

Winfrey Wouldn't Win

An Oprah presidential run would do little to excite potential millennial voters.


January 24, 2018

Sleepless on the South Side

UChicago students need to prioritize sleep in order to lead balanced lives.


November 28, 2017