Alison Howard


Rat tales, part 2

A former Viewpoints Editor reflects on her time at the U of C, time in the paper, and time (or lack thereof) in Ratner.


May 17, 2011

No crying matter

Those new to Scav Hunt should enjoy it without stressing over competition


April 29, 2011

Personnel reflections

Potential residential staff layoffs split student opinion, causing tension throughout dorm life


April 15, 2011

U of C acceptance rate plummets

According to statistics released Wednesday, the University of Chicago experienced its lowest acceptance rate yet after receiving a record-high number of applications, continuing a trend over the past two decades.


April 1, 2011

Not a bad rap

Whether or not it’s a joke, Turquoise Jeep Records is good


January 28, 2011

Coping with change

Drinking heavily isn't the only way of dealing with disappointing election results


November 5, 2010

All about the Hamiltons

The “That Kid” has a place in campus culture...and history


October 22, 2010

Doing it the right way

Breast cancer awareness campaign on Facebook trivializes disease


October 8, 2010

Procrastination par excellence

Have fun putting off until tomorrow what you could have done today


September 20, 2010

Chicago Theater

The Second City has its own first-rate shows


September 19, 2010