Bradley Tian


Balancing Editorial and Audience Pressures in Writing

“As a short story writer, I like that feeling of strange uncertainty…If I’m writing a 20-page story and I know the ending by page 2, I get worried,” said Brinkley.


February 1, 2019

Counting the Days on Ancient Mesoamerican Calendars with Claudia Brittenham

Art Historian Claudia Brittenham shed light on the Mesoamerican perception of time underlying Mariana Castillo Deball’s exhibit, "Petlacoatl."


January 14, 2019

Uncommon Interview: Sophie Hoyt, Fourth-year and Actress

Hoyt discusses modern inclusive casting, getting into character, and her postgrad plans.


November 29, 2018

In "Warlight", Michael Ondaatje Illuminates the Darkness and Light of Post-War London

The Sri Lankan author spoke at the Sem Co-Op on his latest novel last Thursday.


October 17, 2018