Celia Bever


SSN and Chicago allies discuss student debt

Members of SSN, a member of the IIRON Network of other like-minded area student organizations, gathered to speak on the effects of student debt.


April 16, 2013

SHE presents research in support of trauma center

Members of SHE discussed how the research that the UCMC cites in arguing against the necessity of a trauma center on the South Side is problematic.


April 11, 2013

Law school no. 1 for post-graduate employment


April 9, 2013

New dean of students hired


April 5, 2013

SFCC demands divestment, meeting with Zimmer

Approximately 30 attendees filed up to Zimmer's fifth-floor office to deliver the petition.


March 12, 2013

SFCC to demand Zimmer meeting

SFCC and a slew of activist student organizations plan on presenting a pet


March 8, 2013

53rd St. developments demystified

University students met with the Associate Vice President for Commercial Real Estate Operations on Tuesday to learn about 53rd street development projects.


February 22, 2013

MAB cancels winter show

Board members voted unanimously to cut the comedy show and save the funds for Summer Breeze.


February 12, 2013

Israeli Consul General talks war, peace

Israeli Consul General speaks on the the current state of Israel's national security and relations with Palestine.


January 18, 2013

Gov. joins new hospital dedication


January 15, 2013