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Max Palevsky Residential Commons

1101 East 56th Street; 712 residents


September 18, 2010

Proposed cafe names all nerdy, headache-inducing

I get that we're quirky and intellectual and, you know, puns!—but seriously, do you really want to be buying gummy bears at 3 a.m. from "the Allegory of the Crave"?


January 20, 2010

Articles of concern

Recent press has put the University in an embarrassing spotlight.


October 27, 2009

Zimmer and Rosenbaum: Olmert disruptions "disturbing"

President Zimmer and Provost Rosenbaum took a stand in an e-mail to all faculty, staff, and students.


October 21, 2009

And the real Peace Prize goes to...

Zimmer’s efforts to calm neighborhood tensions deserve recognition.


October 13, 2009

Tweeting for the home team

University-sanctioned Twitter accounts miss the point.


September 19, 2009

The other side of the log-in wall

The public parts of the U of C's website are indeed nice to look at and easy to navigate and full of, uh, "life and diversity", but most everything designed specifically for student use (e.g. cMore, course evaluations, time schedules, the pre-SG rev…


August 25, 2009

Good work, PR team!

The UChicago Magazine Twitter account tweets today, "As UChicago's upward trajectory + global economic crisis intersect, the University lowers budgets but not expectations.


August 21, 2009

"Dear Viktor, you're dead, love Dmitry"

I'm not going to even try to beat The Economist's headline.... Little known fact: Russian President and sinister statesman extraordinaire Dmitry Medvedev has his own video blog, on which he sends threatening messages to other political leaders.


August 20, 2009

The slow creep to the top

Two recent lists have the U of C at #7 and #8, respectively.


August 20, 2009