Eric-Antonio Guzman


The Money Behind the Magic: Dramatic Irony in Disney's "The Last Jedi"

"The Last Jedi" bites the hand that feeds it—Disney as well as the fans.


January 4, 2018

The Disaster Artist Is an Idealist Fantasy for Facing Failure

"The Disaster Artist" opens in theatres nationwide on Friday, December 8.


December 6, 2017

Alumni Filmmakers Document Music Across Time and Space

Sister filmmakers Biliana (A.M. ‘11) and Marina Grozdanova (A.B.’ 13) partnered on a documentary series about the Voyager spacecraft's Golden Record.



October 26, 2017

Misleading Marketing: The "Mother!" of Failed “Horror” Films

"'Mother!' is not a horror film at all....It is tense, uncomfortable, and thought-provoking, but never scary."


October 9, 2017