Gustavo Delgado



UC Med Study Could Lead to First FDA-Approved Food Allergy Treatment

The study shows that exposing patients to escalating doses of peanut protein may reduce the severity of their peanut allergies.


January 7, 2019

UChicago Hosts Statewide Sexual Misconduct Conference

Second-year Malay Trivedi organized the conference, which featured attendees from across Illinois.


November 14, 2018

Hiro Sushi

Hiro features two distinct bars areas, one for dessert in the front and sushi in the back.


Oct. 16, 2018

New Hiro Sushi Offerings Include Rolled Ice Cream, Milk Tea

The new sushi restaurant on 53rd, adjacent to Rajun Cajun and Nandos, brings new East Asian flavors to Hyde Park.


October 16, 2018