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Faculty and administration relations from Hutchins to Zimmer

Lincoln believes relations have improved since the days of the Grossman, Friedman, and Confucius Institutes



June 2, 2015

Faculty and administration relations from Hutchins to Zimmer


June 1, 2015

Violinist from renowned Emerson String Quartet reflects on journeys old and new


May 14, 2015

CSO fest is the crème de la crème

"Satie’s music is as singular as his personality: He was a Dr. Seuss of sounds..."


May 11, 2015

CSO goes for Baroque

“His comport behind the keyboard was... nimble, impassioned, and intuitive.”


May 4, 2015

The Sketch

Arts, Briefly


April 30, 2015

Chicago Symphony Orchestra strides through Bruckner orchestral marathon

“Thursday’s greatest victory was making a work of many seams feel seamless...”


April 27, 2015

042815 ARTS Concert (Hannah Edgar)


April 28, 2015

Annual campus Pride Week offers veritable parade of colorful events


April 24, 2015

Haitink reunites with CSO for memorable Mahler

"He pounded out the timpani solo in the beginning of the fifth and final movement like his life depended on it. The result, though deafening, was deliciously frightful."


April 14, 2015