Jamie Ehrlich

Senior News Editor  /  @jamie_ehrlich


Is UChicago a ‘Sanctuary Campus’? Spokesperson Steps Around Phrase

Admins will meet with an RSO that supports undocumented students to discuss student concerns.


December 12, 2016

Student Government to Consider Resolution Demanding a 'Sanctuary Campus'

Some CC members want to prohibit immigration enforcement officials from entering campus without a warrant.


December 2, 2016

Uncommon Interview: Presidential Politics Professor William Howell

He ended his sabbatical after Trump's election.


November 19, 2016

Admissions Paid Student Workers Months Late

"It might not be a lot to the school, but a lot of students need it to live.”


November 15, 2016

Title IX Chiefs Address SG

Responding to apparently light sentences for sexual assault, Wolfe cites new mandatory training, is "hopeful that we’ll see some different outcomes going forward."


November 15, 2016

President Commits to 'Diversity and Inclusion' in Wake of Racist Events on Campuses Since Trump Win

President, Provost write that the values of free expression and inclusion are not mutually exclusive.


November 13, 2016

Lost CC Bylaws Enacted

Although the changes to the CC bylaws were agreed upon last year, they were applied inconsistently due to the administrative error. This led to the appointment of an otherwise ineligible CC member and an inability to punish reps for poor attendance.


November 11, 2016

Trump Win Shocks U of C Students; His Scattering of Supporters on Campus Celebrates

We asked students for Trump, Clinton interns, and the student president about Trump's victory.


November 10, 2016

Student Government Launches Student Employment Informational Website

The new Committee on Student Employment created the website to provide students with a clear source of information on grad student unionization and commonly-asked employment questions.


November 4, 2016

Fourth-Year Elected to College Council by Write-In Votes

After receiving four write-in votes in this spring's CC election, Joshua Engelman was eligible to fill a vacancy as one of the representatives of the Class of 2017.


November 3, 2016