Katherine Vega


Office of Civic Engagement Launches Online Portal for Community-Oriented Student Jobs

The portal, titled Pathfinder, will match students to paid and volunteer positions based on their interests.


October 5, 2017

U of C and UIC to Open Environmental Health Sciences Center

The new center will be called the ChicAgo Center for Health and Environment (CACHET).


October 2, 2017

UChicago and Brown University Presidents Discuss Speech Issues at Washington Post Event

"Any attempt to say that protest needs to be limited or controlled because of not liking protests is in itself just another example of constraining free speech," Zimmer said.


June 21, 2017

Student Library Employees Vote to Unionize

Over 80 percent of voters were in favor of unionization.


June 9, 2017

New Fellowship to Replace UChicago Public Interest Program

Some members of the alumni board overseeing the old program expressed sadness and anger at the decision to end UCPIP with what they believed to be little warning.


May 19, 2017

New Restrictions on RSO Food Sales

Beginning this summer, RSOs will not be able to sell any home-prepared foods.


May 16, 2017

Obama Visits Campus, Speaks to Student Leaders

“I want to work with [young people] to knock down those barriers."



April 25, 2017

Campus Religious Groups Respond to Climate Survey

About a third of Muslim respondents reported a negative climate, while Jewish respondents had the next highest level of dissatisfaction.


April 17, 2017

Amid Criticism of Violations, Fraternities Re-Sign Safety Pledge

Phoenix Survivor’s Alliance (PSA) met with Fraternities Committed to Safety (FSC) to discuss policy enforcement and alleged infractions at public events.


April 10, 2017

Muslim Student Association Hosts “Explore Islam” Week

Events gave a forum for interfaith dialogue and learning.


April 6, 2017