Kenjiro Lee


Oedipus Rex Kicks Off a Trilogy at the Court

The Court Theatre’s latest production breathes new life and excitement into the classical Greek tragedy.


November 22, 2019

The Ides of March Come to Theater West

University Theater kicked off its mainstage season this weekend with Shakespeare's "Julius Ceasar."


November 13, 2019

"TRU – A Musical for Mental Health" Teases Something Much Bigger

While "TRU"—co-written by UChicago alumnus David Gosz—falls flat in its development, it is still a fresh and ambitious take on mental illness that will be worth your while.


November 10, 2019

With "TRU," Leo Fotos and Alumni David Gosz Seek to Change the Conversation around Mental Health

College alumnus David Gosz talks music theater, a cappella, and mental health.


November 6, 2019

Theater[24] Gets About As Mathematic As It Can Get

UChicago thespians spend a night at Reynolds Club solving math questions with theater.


October 12, 2019

Trapped in a World of White People

Maroon TV’s “Writer’s Room” portrays the invisibility of people of color in white-dominated institutions, and the many frustrations that follow.


May 31, 2019

For Your Consideration: “Hadestown,” Now On Broadway

"Hadestown" sets the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice in a post-apocalyptic world with outstanding success.


April 21, 2019

Now With International Fame, "Kim’s Convenience" Strikes Again

The new season of "Kim’s Convenience" offers insightful depictions of Korean-Canadian family dynamics in episodes seasoned with humor and drama.


April 15, 2019

Hedwig Creator Brings Songs, Stories, and the Wig to Chicago

John Cameron Mitchell unpacks the creation and enduring significance of “Hedwig” on stage.


March 15, 2019

The Strange and Metatheatrical "Don Gil"

Though the audience mostly remained separate from the action of the story, the characters seemed almost constantly aware that there was a large crowd of people watching them and occasionally interacted or messed with audience members as they saw fit.


March 11, 2019