Lucas Du


"Sex Education" Redefines a Genre

Netflix’s "Sex Education" manages to find its own niche by thoughtfully teasing apart the thing on every high schooler’s mind: sex.


February 11, 2019

The Immeasurable Weight of the Polar Vortex

Those concerned with climate change have to reckon with a hard truth: it might be too little, too late.


February 4, 2019

Sven Gamsky of Feed Me Jack Is Still Good as Still Woozy

The solo project from singer-songwriter Sven Gamsky is a psychedelic departure from his math-rock origins.


January 21, 2019

"No" to Race-Blind Admissions

Harvard and other elite institutions shouldn't end race-based affirmative action.


November 5, 2018

Joji Moves Away from YouTube with “Ballads 1”

"Joji feels like a new artist."


November 1, 2018

"Mo Bamba" to MUDBOY: Sheck Wes Debuts His First Album

Sheck Wes's debut album is a promising effort from a rising star.


October 18, 2018

The Violence of Words

When Security Alerts involve sexual misconduct, the administration must avoid doing discursive violence through its framing of the situation.


May 15, 2018

The Myth of a Post-Racial Future

Racism is still ever-prevalent in 21st century United States, as seen through a simple dating website.


April 16, 2018

Am I Growing Up?

We're told that college will fundamentally change us, but that's not how it always pans out.


March 13, 2018

Past the Pretense: Reconsidering Allyship

The Aziz Ansari case makes it clear that men need to embody the feminism they claim to support.


February 19, 2018