Maroon Editorial Board


Uncommon uncertainty

Lack of transparency in the Uncommon Fund hinders effective execution of its creative objective.


February 20, 2015

A time for progress

In honor of College Break Day, the Maroon Editorial Board is calling the University to action. Here are our most demanding demands. Go big or go home, University!


February 12, 2015

A whale of a time

The University’s partnership with MBL is a missed opportunity to get our science majors their study abroad.


February 5, 2015

U(Shall Not)Pass

Student life would be enriched by the unlimited transit pass. But unless the University steps up to subsidize it, the costs will outweigh the benefits.


January 29, 2015

Around Chicago in 80 days

The Study Chicago Quarter makes inroads on creating more accessible study abroad options by allowing students to learn locally.


January 23, 2015

Local Library Lives On

University’s bid for Obama library holds promise for South Side cultural and economic growth, but first, community concerns must be addressed.


January 16, 2015

Land of the free?


January 9, 2015

What we’re thankful for

The things you might have forgotten before digging into Thanksgiving dinner.


December 2, 2014

Eyes on the prize

Controversy on Facebook should not distract from students’ legitimate grievances.


November 25, 2014

Fully a part of this campus

The Maroon Editorial Board supports call for campus climate survey and better CLM coverage of racial sensitivity


November 21, 2014