Olivia Chilkoti


Snell-Hitchcock Turned to Isolation Dorm; Residents Reassigned to Woodlawn or Released from Housing Contract

Dean of Students Michele Rasmussen and Assistant Vice President for Campus Life Richard Mason said in the email that this is a temporary measure and “a required decision to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.”


September 4, 2020

Admissions Office Gets TikTok

As of May 25, the UChicago Admissions account has 15 videos, with 474 followers, and 1,496 likes.


May 26, 2020

Political Interns Adapt to COVID-19 as Election Approaches

Pandemic-related cancellations pose a unique challenge to political campaigns, which rely heavily on in-person interactions.


May 13, 2020

Mandatory O-Week Service Event Faces Logistical Issues

A student said that one group at the Neighborhood Network Alliance had no work to do and spent over an hour sitting in an empty room.


October 15, 2019

An Echoing Rhythm

Grey City traces Jazz’s roots, rise, and decline on the South Side of Chicago.



April 22, 2019

Boyer Has Started Committee to Explore Possible Switch to Semester System

Dean Boyer first mentioned a possible switch to a semester system when asked how the University would deal with rapid growth. The University has been on a quarter system since 1892.


March 17, 2019

Racial Justice Nonprofit Unveils Crowdsourced Voter Guide at Community Journalism Event

“The power to define priorities is one of the key powers our elected officials have, and so we should be a part of meaningfully deciding what that prioritization looks like,” said CUE director Niketa Brar.


February 25, 2019

Strong Singers, Stronger Bonds

Grey City Reporter Olivia Chilkoti takes a look at the thriving a cappella scene on campus, from auditions to competitions.



February 18, 2019

Stevanovich Institute Panel Discusses “Religion, Identity, and the Construction of Faith”

The discussion ranged from the concept of an immaterial soul to the possibility of "backing up" memories, like computer data.


February 16, 2019

NYT Columnist David Leonhardt Talks Populism at the IOP

Leonhardt warned that populism sometimes takes "very, very bad forms."


January 21, 2019