Olivia Chilkoti


Strong Singers, Stronger Bonds

Grey City Reporter Olivia Chilkoti takes a look at the thriving a cappella scene on campus, from auditions to competitions.



February 18, 2019

Stevanovich Institute Panel Discusses “Religion, Identity, and the Construction of Faith”

The discussion ranged from the concept of an immaterial soul to the possibility of "backing up" memories, like computer data.


February 16, 2019

NYT Columnist David Leonhardt Talks Populism at the IOP

Leonhardt warned that populism sometimes takes "very, very bad forms."


January 21, 2019

David Leonhardt at IOP



Jan. 22, 2019

Just Mercy Author Talks Mass Incarceration, Society’s “Deliberate Indifference” at IOP

Equal Justice Initiative founder and civil rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson successfully argued the landmark case Miller v. Alabama before the Supreme Court.


December 17, 2018