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Let's Get Real About Autumn Quarter

We need to honestly assess the risks and challenges that would come with reopening campus this fall.


May 6, 2020

Compliance With the Calendar

Given that the new academic calendar is far from perfect, the University needs to provide clearer guidelines for implementing the changes it proposes.


March 13, 2020

Altruism for the Chicago Economist

In order to do genuine good, we must think and give pragmatically.


December 23, 2019

The Dishonorable Side of Latin Honors

Latin honors and new Dean’s List policies will only exacerbate stress culture and discourage students from pursuing academic curiosities.


November 18, 2019

Interpreting the Nuances of Nutrition

Reading the fine print on our foods may seem cumbersome, but it is much more important for our health than we think.


October 21, 2019

Why You Should Thank “That Kid” in Your Sosc Class

There is something we can learn from all the different students in UChicago Core classes.


May 13, 2019

In Defense of Silence

Instead of viewing silence as an awkward conversation-ender, we should embrace it as a valuable time for self-reflection— especially in stressful environments.


May 4, 2019

The Quarter System Quandary

Instead of switching to a semester system, UChicago administration should consider how academic demands of the quarter system can be made more manageable for students.


April 13, 2019

Every College Student's Major Problem

Struggling to decide a major is a common—but insufficiently examined—part of the college experience.


February 25, 2019

Don't Let Disconnected Be the New Norm

Our heavy dependence on technology is getting in the way of our ability to be creative, focus in the classroom, and form meaningful relationships.


February 12, 2019