Stephanie Xiao


Facebook page sparks OMSA forum

Students called for more concrete ways to address diversity, including more O-Week discussions and increased emphasis on race issues in the Core.


April 19, 2013

SG 2013 Graduate Liaison to Board of Trustee: Navin Jose Manjooran


April 16, 2013

SG 2013 slates: Impact


April 12, 2013

Arabic professor dies at 70

Colleagues and students remembered Dr. Farouk Mustafa as a "vibrant character" and a "friendly voice."


April 9, 2013

UCMC doctor remembered for compassion

Dr. Donald Liu's memorial service was held last night at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel.


March 8, 2013

App numbers challenge competition

Applications to the College have risen by 11,000 since 2010, faster than its peer institutions.


January 29, 2013

College applications continue to soar

The College received a record number of applications for the Class of 2017 this year.


January 26, 2013

Renowned cancer researcher dies at 92

Elwood Jensen was nominated multiple times for the Nobel Prize in Medicine.


January 11, 2013

A guard's nine hours of standing and solitude

The University employs 125 security offers switching turns to stand guard at 20 posts.


December 4, 2012

For one Harris worker, the dead come to have fun

A communications associate at Harris, Scott Kenemore, writes zombie novels in his spare time.


November 27, 2012