Stephanie Xiao


Bike lanes see initial support

After supporters pushed for bike lanes for a mile on 55th Street, construction was finished this summer.


October 9, 2012

Q & A with Marlon Lynch

The head of the University's private police force talks about how U of C crime differs from other places and what it's like to be in charge of the safety of others.


May 25, 2012

Large admitted class forces adjustments on College

Administrators are having to tweak, and in some cases significantly change, admissions and housing after high yield has led to another unexpectedly large class.


May 22, 2012

City brings shielded bike lanes to 55th Street

As part of Rahm Emanuel's project to pave 100 miles of bike lanes in his first term, protected bike paths will stretch from Cottage Grove to Lake Park.


May 18, 2012

Once an alien, still illegal, Jose Antonio Vargas shares his story

Vargas shares his experiences as an undocumented resident and professional journalist.


May 11, 2012

Urban Health Initiative snags grant for South Side Rx database

A UCMC grant will increase the hospital's connections with surrounding communities.


May 11, 2012

Scav 2012 list highlights

Items on the list for the 26th annual Scav Hunt include getting a side mullet, meeting with Rahm Emanuel, and getting your appendix into a jar by Sunday.


May 10, 2012

For Asians in America, finance still the last frontier

Author Jane Hyun discusses ways to break through the barriers facing Asians in the American business world.


April 27, 2012

Professor doubts universalized western values

Kupchan warns of the end of Western hegemony.


March 2, 2012

Hospital officials weigh in on city’s racial divide

Hospital administrators blasted the current state of health access on the South Side.


February 21, 2012