Clark Kovacs


CC Chair Resigns From USG Slate Less Than Two Months After Inauguration

Former College Council Chair Murphy DePompei cited differing “visions of leadership” in a statement to The Maroon.


September 27, 2021


11:58 p.m.

Investigate the CSSA

The genesis of Chinese Students and Scholars Associations (CSSAs) in the U.S. in conjunction with the UChicago CSSA’s recent attempts to stifle Nathan Law’s speech warrant an investigation into whether the CSSA is controlled by the CCP.


August 19, 2021


1:30 p.m.

Smoke and Mirrors: Reflecting on Nicotine Culture on Campus

While cigarettes may feel like relics of a bygone past, nicotine is alive and well on campus—we need to ask ourselves why.


June 15, 2021


9:21 p.m.

UChicago’s COVID Plan: A Class in Confusing Contradiction

The University must be more consistent and diligent with its COVID-19 guidelines.


March 4, 2021


3:15 p.m.

Fighting Fire With More Fire: The Thinker’s Thoughtless Approach to Mainstreaming

The Thinker’s failing, inflammatory approach to campus integration should inspire a re-evaluation of leftist strategy.


December 24, 2020