Tony Brooks

News Editor


Bannon Event Is Still On, Maybe

Booth professor Luigi Zingales's event with Steve Bannon may be happening after all.


October 1, 2018

The Storied Past of Harper Memorial Library

When Harper Memorial Library first opened, it was the main library at the University. Over one hundred years later, it serves an entirely different purpose.



May 28, 2018

"War, Trauma, Memory" Exhibition Opens in the Reg

The exhibit was designed to shift focus away from war itself.


May 11, 2018

Student Raped in Sleep, Backlash to Alert Prompts Admin Review

The University sent a follow-up email after backlash for the use of the term "sexual intercourse" and the lack of a content warning in the alert.


May 7, 2018

SG Cuts Funds for Student Leadership Recognition, Sexual Assault Awareness

The SG General Assembly approved their budget for the next academic year at Monday night's meeting.


April 23, 2018

Facebook Says 'Non': UChicago Secrets Shut Down, Allegedly Over Anti-French Post

The moderators believe the page was banned as the result of a post which made fun of a previous post in which a writer describes negative feelings toward “French history and culture.”


April 19, 2018

College Council Discusses Two Upcoming Events

College Council discusses Earth Day event and future statewide Title IX conference.


April 12, 2018

University Announces New Policy for Religious Holidays

The University announced in a new accommodations policy for religious observance.


March 29, 2018

College Council Discusses Potential SG Restructuring

No immediate proposals for changes were made.


March 2, 2018

Reg Exhibit Explores University Scientists' Reactions to Atomic Bomb

On display are artifacts from Enrico Fermi and other scientists at the Met Lab, which researched nuclear reactions during World War II.


February 19, 2018