Wendy Lee


boys' club



Dec. 15, 2016

College Council Protests End of Airport Shuttle

Student Government’s Executive Slate cancelled the end-of-quarter shuttle service without consultation.


April 1, 2016

Personnel Changes on College Council

Proxy choice, resignation announced as quarter ends.


March 4, 2016

The Boys' Club

"In the physics department, there are just as many professors named ‘David’ as there are female professors."


March 2, 2016

Class of 2019 Representative Resigns from College Council

“There is a challenge in jumping in your first week of college and running for [SG], and she gave it a sincere effort.”


March 1, 2016

Professor Resigns After Sexual Misconduct Allegation

Lieb had been dogged by allegations of sexual misconduct.


Feb. 5, 2016

Graduate Student Fills SG’s Community and Government Liaison Position

Carlos Ortiz filled the position last month, after it had been vacant since last summer.


Jan. 26, 2016

SG Appoints Second-Year Shae Omonijo as Liaison to the Board of Trustees

"I think this role will give me and other students access to members of the administration in a different way.”


Jan. 15, 2016

Student Government announces a new vacancy in its Executive Committee

“It is critical that we fill this position before the quarter ends so that the new liaison can be on-board and ready to represent the undergraduate student body strongly come Winter Quarter.”


Dec. 1, 2015

Student Government introduces newly revised Student Leadership Stipend Program

“We are going to be giving grants to students who do impactful and substantial work through their RSOs. We’re going to be paying them and giving them these grants in lieu of them having work-study hours.”


Dec. 1, 2015