Special Collections Research Center

From Gothic to Studio Gang

By Milutin Gjaja and Kate Mabus

Grey City examines the cultural history of of campus architecture.


March 3, 2020

University of Chicago Press

Uprooting the Torture Tree

By Joanne Wang

In his new book, Princeton University Professor Laurence Ralph explores the uncomfortable topic of police torture in Chicago.


February 25, 2020

Confronting the Stigma

By Alison Gill

Student-athletes struggle with the same mental health issues as other college students but are less likely to seek out help, often leading to devastating outcomes. How can weovercome this stigma? Increased awareness may be a start.


February 19, 2020


As College Increases Its Diversity, Professor and Activists Argue Cultural Centers Improve Outcomes for Students of Color

By Caroline Kubzansky

Cultural centers may provide important mental health resources to students, but some worry they may not address issues of diversity and inclusion as activists hope.


February 19, 2020

Jeremy Lindenfeld

“A fait accompli”: How the Central Administration Has Consolidated Power and Deflected Dissent at the University of Chicago

By Emma Dyer, Lee Harris, and Deepti Sailappan

During his fourteen year tenure, President Robert Zimmer and his administration have transformed the University of Chicago.


January 29, 2020

Courtesy of the Oriental Institute

Millennia of History in 100 Years

By Rory Nevins and Andrew Farry

As the OI turns 100, Grey City examines the Institute's complicated history and vision for the future.


January 14, 2020

Alexis Florence

The Obama Center and a CBA: Where Do We Go from Here?

By Alexis Florence

South Side residents continue pushing for a Community Benefits Agreement despite resistance from fellow community members.


November 27, 2019

Special Collections Research Center

Finding Common Ground

By Laura Gersony

Grey City examines the history of the South Side's green spaces and the ongoing conflict over how they should be used.


November 12, 2019

Avi Waldman

"No Professors, No Classes": Students Push for Race and Ethnic Studies Major

By Rory Nevins

As students advocate for a Race and Ethnic Studies Department, Grey City looks at the history of ethnic studies and its place at the University of Chicago today.


October 15, 2019

Alice Cheng

Unequal Access

By Alice Cheng

Grey City spoke with disabled students about their experiences navigating accommodations that frequently fall short.


October 8, 2019

Sofia Garcia

O-Issue 2019, by The Chicago Maroon

By Maroon Staff

An introduction to the next four years.


September 24, 2019

Marilyn Webb

Seven Times Over: Life Along The Way to a Ph.D.

By Caroline Kubzansky

Not everyone who comes to the University of Chicago for a degree leaves with one.


June 6, 2019

Maroon Staff

No Spotless Record: When Literature and Sensibility Clash

By Avi Waldman

Grey City's exploration of student publication censorship continues this week with the story of the Chicago Review, whose literary bent drew administrative concern.


May 29, 2019

Maroon Staff

No Spotless Record: Censorship at UChicago

By Avi Waldman

In the first of a two-part series, Grey City looks back at the University's complicated relationship with free speech and the student press in the 1950's.


May 21, 2019

Amy Y. Li for The Harvard Crimson

From Ex Lib Yogurts to Attacking Admissions Practices

By Alice Cheng

Adam Mortara (S.B. ’96, J.D. ’01) reflected on his path from the UChicago College to the courtroom, where he is leading the charge against Harvard's admissions practices on behalf of Students for Fair Admissions.


April 30, 2019

Vivian G. Harsh Research Collection

An Echoing Rhythm

By Olivia Chilkoti

Grey City traces Jazz’s roots, rise, and decline on the South Side of Chicago.


April 22, 2019