Jeremy Lindenfeld

Treasure Island Sinks, Employees Left Without a Line

By Caroline Kubzansky and Katie Akin

Treasure Island closed on Monday, leaving many employees without jobs and locals with fewer grocery options.

October 12, 2018

University of Chicago

U of C’s Arts Block Wrangles With Neighbors, Winter Weather

By Caroline Kubzansky

“How many times have we been played about everything that comes to this community that’s supposed to be for us, that’s not supposed to push us out?”



September 21, 2018

Philip Grew

Jonathan Z. Smith (1938-2017): The College’s Iconoclastic, Beloved, Chainsmoking Dean

By Pete Grieve

President Gray: "He gave more courses than anyone I know because he really loved it."


March 23, 2018

Ben Nikodem

Decoding the Decrepit

By Ben Nikodem

Fourth-year Ben Nikodem conveys his fascination with urban landscapes and industrial decay through this illustration series.


October 29, 2017

Meera Joshi

Kafka in Visual Translation

By Meera Joshi

"Worlds that are...stripped down to an uncanny, distorted, and persistently incomplete version of what is typically perceived as reality."


October 19, 2017

Amelia Frank

It will never quite be this way again

By Amelia Frank

"There is something immediately nostalgic about a photograph."


October 5, 2017

Brooke Nagler

What Now?

By Srishti Kapur

The IOP grapples with its role in the Trump era.


May 22, 2017

Amelia Frank

'A Special Problem': The University of Chicago’s Troubled History With Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Campus Safety

By Emily Feigenbaum, Jamie Ehrlich, and Sarah Zimmerman

It is time to turn the lens inward.


May 1, 2017

Maroon File Photo

Disciplining Disruption: Inside the High-Stakes Faculty Debate

By Pete Grieve

There's an ultimatum of sorts.


April 13, 2017

Meera Joshi

Revisiting the Past

By Meera Joshi

An illustration series meant to convey the potentiality, hope, and realism that comes with the undergraduate experience.


April 6, 2017

University of Chicago Photographic Archives

Baptism by Fire

By Mimansa Dogra

Who is the student protester?


January 17, 2017

Meera Joshi

Blue Nights

By Kristin Lin and Sindhu Gnanasambandan

Behind the difficult working conditions for University security guards and the barriers to change.


November 18, 2016

University of Chicago Photographic Archive

Generation X': A Brief History of Dropouts and Transfer Students at the University of Chicago

By Hannah Edgar

The University of Chicago has a distinguished list of alums. It also has a distinguished list of decampers.


October 27, 2016

Grace Hauck

A Snapshot of UChicago Greek Life: Demographics, Growth, and Regulation

By Elijah Alperin and Grace Hauck

Who’s Greek, and why?


June 1, 2016

Karyn Peyton

Building an Inclusive Campus: A Story of Collaboration

By Grace Koh

Like many other new first-year students, Kyle Wickham was learning to adjust to his reading load for his humanities core sequence. During class, the students were working to unpack the reading when one student made a comment that struck Wickham.


March 18, 2016

Kiran Misra

Home and Away

By Isabelle Lim

Year after year, upon leaving the shores of whatever country across the globe that they hail from, international students arrive in Hyde Park to immerse themselves in the life of the mind at a top-ranked university.


March 17, 2016

Jamie Manley

Navigating Uncertainty: Coming to Terms with the Unknown

By Tamar Honig

A pervasive source of distress amongst college students is the big question mark occupying the space on the calendar that starts around tomorrow and extends indefinitely.


March 17, 2016